Passion for writing.

Expanding the world of writing, from premium to state-of-the-art.

A company that supports the intellectual art of writing

Writing is a sign of intellectual – the act of humans expressing their thoughts as text that can be read and understood.

Writing is a medium of communication that has linked humans around the world and been a key driver to the advancement of mankind. For almost a century, Pilot has focused on this act of writing, and has constantly been involved in its development.

Handwriting exhibits the warmth of a personal touch with the unique pressure and fluctuations in each letter.

Pilot wants to provide customers with products that faithfully represent their individual feel and style.

Pilot’s line of business of writing instruments began with fountain pens, and evolved over time to expand broadly into new fields of writing, including ballpoint pens, mechanical pencils and ink markers. Pilot evolved to bolster any and every form of writing – the company considers itself as a global all-rounder of writing instruments.

Giving customers the opportunity to experience the pleasure, excitement and convenience of writing is a continual goal.

There is no limit to the vision that Pilot holds.

Pilot stands by the quality and functionality of each and every product it makes. This forms the level of confidence and pride of being a “pilot” writing instruments.

Evolving quickly from a Japanese brand, to a global brand.

The journey that began with the vision held by founders Ryosuke Namiki and Masao Wada, expanded globally from as early as 1926, to quickly become an internationally renowned brand after about 80 years. W3Schools